In practice, our expertise is used for technical and large-scale audiovisual productions, but we also bring a creative input to large and smaller events. Our clients’ needs require our involvement in brainstorming concepts and thereafter bringing the ideas to life by creating and hosting visual and audio content. For this we use whatever technical solution is appropriate for the project.

Our South African roots have led us across this country but we have also gained extensive international experience supplying compelling audiovisual solutions to satisfied clients. Many of our projects have included large format multi-screen productions but a substantial side of our business is made up of regular conferencing and convention scenarios.



We use the finest equipment available to run our productions, supported by very capable and experienced technical staff. All previous technical limitations are a thing of the past. Since the recent introduction of networked image delivery to display devices, it has become possible to effectively 'split' images across multiple display devices creating huge platforms for visual display.  The use of 1,3 or 100 plasma or projection display devices synchronised horizontally, vertically, or any angle in between, adds up to some very fresh and original display ideas. Advances in 3D technologies has now ensured that PENMAC can now provide our clients with the very best solutions available anywhere in the world today.


Whatever you do in public reflects on your organization. It is crucial to do something well and to do it with as much impact as possible. We now have the technology that is capable of making whatever you think of real. It is not limited to use in one application – it is ideal for product launches, corporate functions, theatrical productions and more. Frankly, the possibilities are endless.

Thoroughly, professional and easy to work with, PENMAC will ensure a memorable production.


WATCHPAX is a solid-state media player with built-in WATCHOUT multi-display software.WATCHPAX connects to your WATCHOUT production computer and display device with each display source requiring one WATCHPAX unit.

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